All-in-one FinOps Kubernetes automation platform

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  • Cloud cost optimization

    Navigate costs seamlessly with EazyOps. Let AI uncover savings and strike the perfect balance for confident optimization.

    Autoscaling Optimal Resource Placement Rightsize Your Resources Immediate Load Balancing Cluster Sleep Mode
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  • Cloud Cost Explorer: Navigate Your Savings Across Platforms

    Quantify your infrastructure costs through a comprehensive analysis, comparing expenses across various cloud platforms—an essential practice in the FinOps domain

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  • Kubernetes cost monitoring

    Eazyops AI continuously analyzes and optimizes compute resources. Connect your cluster, see suggested recommendations, and implement them automatically for immediate cost reduction.

    Real-time Cost Tracking Workload Report Cluster Report Namespace Report
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  • Effortless GCP Onboarding with EazyOps

    Self-service, self-care-EazyOps makes onboarding a breeze. Link your new GCP account seamlessly in just a few clicks. Enjoy seamless, granular access with Read-Only permissions, TTL-based token expiration, and flexible roles. Choose the authentication method that suits your needs, whether you're an organization or an

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Getting started

Start Free in 3 Eazy Steps

  1. 1.  Connect Your Cloud

    Effortlessly link your cloud environment with EazyOps for seamless management and insights.

  2. 2.  Monitor Resources Usage

    Immediately see how much you can save in the available savings report. Also check your security standing and cost monitoring for a full picture.

  3. 3.  Optimize

    Eazyops AI to automatically implement the changes in your savings report to cut costs immediately and keep them low over time.

Eazyops Autopilot Features

In a world of complex infrastructures, we empower you to navigate, organize, and optimize with simplicity and precision. Welcome to a new era of control and efficiency in managing your digital landscape! that's E Z right?

  • Discover Your Infrastructure

    EazyOps leverages targeted APIs to seamlessly discover and understand applications, platforms, and cloud infrastructure within your environment.

  • Tag Your Infrastructure to meet compliance

    Organize and categorize your infrastructure with personalized tags. Gain clarity and streamline your operations by labeling elements according to your unique needs.

  • Customize Your Saving Strategies

    Take control of where you store your data. Craft your own saving mode, tailored to your preferences, alongside our default policies and criteria. Flexibility is at your fingertips.

  • Identify Underutilized Resources

    Our tools go beyond the surface, identifying resources that may be underused or forgotten by development teams. Optimize your environment by reclaiming and repurposing resources efficiently.

  • Real-Time Savings Tracking

    Keep a vigilant eye on your savings at all times. Utilize our Analytics feature to track and visualize the amount you've saved from the very beginning.

  • EZ Policy Forger

    Empower Your Vision with our Policy Forger, Craft and Implement Your Own Rules! Tailor policies to your unique needs, and watch as the platform seamlessly adapts. Enjoy the freedom to define, apply, and witness instant results – putting you in control like never before!

  • Advanced Security

    Identify Kubernetes workload security issues including public image vulnerabilities, arranged and presented in order of priority.

  • BYOI - Bring your own Integration

    We are plug and play, you can bring your own Integration and we seamlessly integrate with you using webhooks and REST APIs

  • EZ-Migrate

    A tool designed to facilitate the transition to cloud computing by simplifying and streamlining the migration process.


save costs by efficiently packing resources and downsizing unused capacity.


cost reduction by enabling spot instance automation for spot-friendly workloads.


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